The Beauty

The Beauty

Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg, 2019

What if plastic could be integrated into sea life? Take a deep breath and dive into a world, where feelings of guilt dissolve amongst the mysterious depths of the ocean. A world where we encounter bizarre creatures and discover eerily beautiful landscapes. Unfortunately, our air doesn’t last forever and we have to realize that nature alone can’t solve this issue.




I took care of the whole CG and VFX Pipeline. So i made sure that all plates we shot and all the assets we made were useable for our workflow. Apart from that my tasks were creature look-dev, lighting, rendering and compositing.

If you want to know more about oure workflow, you can read one of the following articles:


Director: Pascal Schelbli
VFX Supervisor: Marc Angele
Creature TD: Noel Winzen
Underwater Cinematography: David Iskender Dinçer
Producers: Aleksandra Todorovic, Tina Vest
Editing: Pascal Schelbli
Additional Editing: Daniela Schramm Moura
Poem: Pascal Schelbli
Creative Translator: Zornitsa Dimitrova

Music: Alexander Wolf David, Petteri Sainio
Orchestration & Additional Composer: Meike Katrin Stein
Orchestra: Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg
Sound Design & Mixing: Robin Harff

Color Grading: Peter Hacker (fatrat)

Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Animation: Noel Winzen, Pascal Schelbli
Lead Rigging: Noel Winzen
Rigging: Lukas Gotkowski · Seyed Ahmad Hosseini
Modeling: Pascal Schelbli, Fynn Große-Bley, Noel Winzen
Additional Modeling: Paul Golter, Mitja Öhm
Lead Sculpting: Fynn Große-Bley
Sculpting: Noel Winzen, Pascal Schelbli
Texturing: Marc Angele, Pascal Schelbli
Lighting/Shading: Marc Angele
FX/Simulation: Lukas Gotkowski, Noel Winzen, Tim Markgraf
Compositing: Marc Angele, Pascal Schelbli
Pipeline: Marc Angele
Storyboard/Animatic/Previs/Character Design: Pascal Schelbli

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